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Bobo Choses Landscape tray [1st Drop]

Bobo Choses Landscape tray

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Tinyapple | SS22 Bobo Choses | Landscape tray [1st Drop] for Kids

  • Lovely Bobo Choses birch wood round tray with Landscape print.
  • 100% birch wood. Diameter: 38cm.

The Bobo Choses "I'm a Poet" collection celebrates poetry and the poet’s sensitivity when it comes to observing life and nature. Poetry is not only a faculty of the human being but a specific faculty of children, whose attitude towards life is one of constant surprise and wonder. All things before their eyes have the beauty and impact of what is seen for the first time. In these ugly times, we are going through, to look for beauty and emotion in the ordinary, the beautiful, and the not-so-beautiful is as much an act of rebellion as a vital necessity.


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